16 Weeks High School Photography Curriculum

Online Photography Course for High School Students

May 24, 2019 - August 30, 2019


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What will my student learn?

This course will start with the very basic, step by step mechanics of a camera, all the way up through how to take photos in fully manual mode. Built in a 16-lesson format, the students will become very educated in the process of photographing in manual mode, how to meter the light properly, composition, and so much more.  

Lesson 1: Introduction  

Lesson 2: Cameras, how they work, and what to look for when you are purchasing a new one  

Lesson 3: Lenses and how they work and what to look for when looking at buying another  

Lesson 4: Basic Camera Menu Functions  

Lesson 5: Mega pixels, optical vs. digital zoom and how to use them for your advantage  

Lesson 6: Auto Modes, what they do and why you don't want to use them  

Lesson 7: Save, Print and Share  

Lesson 8: Focusing  

Lesson 9: ISO What is it, how to use it and why you would want to change it  

Lesson 10: Aperture!!! (this is where it starts getting FUN!!!)  

Lesson 11: Shutter Speed  

Lesson 12: Introduction to the Light meter and how to use it!  

Lesson 13: White Balance  

Lesson 14: Composition  

Lesson 15: Lighting, indoor and outdoor photography  

Lesson 16: Final Thoughts - where to go from here  

How Will My Student Learn?

  • Weekly Videos (watched on the student's own schedule)
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Weekly Video Confrence Calls with the Instructor and Students as a Group (Wednesdays 4:30pm not required but suggested)
  • Private Google Classroom for Videos, Assignments & Quizzes 
  • Online interfaces will be used to navigate the curriculum : Zoom (video conference) & Google Classroom (private page)  
  • At the end of this course your student will be fully versed in manual photography (no auto functions). It does take practice to get the technology down and know how of where the buttons are on your camera.

What Kind of Camera is Required?

The camera needs to be able to go to fully manual function. Most of them have a dial that looks like the photo below or something of the likes. The main thing is that it has a big "M" on it.  

If your do not own a camera but are interested in purchasing a new or used one for this course I am happy to make some recommendations! Just shoot me an email at holly@holly.peevyhouse.com

Why Should My Student Take This Course?

Photography can be a life long hobby or passion. I fell in love with photography at age 13, with nobody to teach me. I began reading and figuring it out for myself here and there. Finally at age 15 I found a course at a community college and that started me on a path to my future. By 15 years old I was doing photography as a career and you can too! Even if you would like to just be able to take really great photos of your own life, I don't think you will ever regret learning how to use your camera well to document your life.  

In addition to photography being a great hobby and possible income generator, it is a wonderful elective for students who school at home. If you are a homeschool family, this course plus my second semester course can be recorded as a full fine art or elective course! 

Check out the 2nd Semester!

Instructor Holly Peevyhouse

Photography Teacher for over 18 years!

Hello, I am Holly Peevyhouse, professional photographer of 23 years, have been instructing photography for over 18 years in community education courses, one on one photography mentoring, and private classes. My passion is to help others learn to master their cameras and confidently create images that reflect the true nature of the moment. I pride herself on teaching others to photograph well on the front end rather than the need to spend tons of time editing after the shot has already happened. She fell in love with photography at the age of 13 and has a heart for paying it forward in teaching other people how to learn this art and carry on their stories to the next generation!  


Full Payment $200

$200 First Semester 

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16 week curriculum

16 Assignments

16 Quizes

16 Weekly Instructor Check-ins

Weekly Instructor Video Chats Wednesday 4:30pm

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Epic Student Learning Fund Payment

$200 Pay with Epic Learning

 Fund in Full

16 week curriculum  

16 Assignments  

16 Quizes  

16 Weekly Instructor Check-ins

Weekly Instructor Video Chats Wednesday 4:30pm

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Installation Payments

4 montly Payments $75 each month

Monthly Payments

16 week curriculum  

16 Assignments  

16 Quizes  

16 Weekly Instructor Check-ins

Weekly Instructor Video Chats Wednesday 4:30pm

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Contact Me

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this semster’s course.

  • Address: Jenks, OK 
  • Phone: 1 (918) 284-6008

What Other's Are Saying About The Course

"Holly explains it in a way that is organized & easy to understand. Her patience in working with each student was so helpful!" - Carissa Miller, owner CC Miller Photography

"My daughter really enjoyed Holly's Photography course. We tried learning from a photography book, but it was hard without having someone available to explain things, ask questions, etc. She is learning so much more being taught by a professional and it's helpful to me by having someone else teach one of her classes. " — Lori Allcorn - Mother of Photography Student  

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish? This course begins May 24, 2019 - August 30, 2019 Do I have to do the assignments and tests to participate in class? Absolutely not. However, I do believe you will retain the information provided if you participate in the assignments. Photography is a learned skill but if not practiced daily, it is lost much like learning a musical instrument. What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. (However, if you are an Epic Student, Epic Learning fund does not offer refunds.)

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